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    00 Hi Joe,

    I've been meaning to email you since we got home from the Marriage Conference in Connecticut - here it is- a month later, and I'm finally getting around to it.

    So this will be short, but I wanted to send you a picture of our meal together at the restaurant (also sent another one as Randy isn't in the first one....), and also to say thank you.

    Not only did we enjoy your ministry, but Randy & I so appreciated the time you spent visiting with our kids, Brooklyn & Sid and helping them to feel included.

    I have started listening to your DVD series, but haven't finished. So much good information! You are an inspiration to us - by your willingness to be bold and to be true to such an unpopular message!

    Blessings to you and your wife! (Hopefully next time, we will be able to meet her too!)

    R K



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    00 Pastor Webb,

    We listened to the first message in your "Renewing the Mind" series. It was very good, and timely. That's something that the LORD has been speaking to my wife and me about lately.

    Providentially, I just came across a quote from Baptist missionary Adoniram Judson that goes along with your message -- "A true disciple inquires not whether a fact is agreeable to his own reason, but whether it is in the Book; his pride must yield to the divine testimony."

    Thank you for your ministry -- telling us and others what we need to hear, rather than "tickling itching ears".

    00 To HIM be ALL the GLORY!

    Dear Joseph,

    God bless you for being bold.

    I have both books and when I'm feeling down and discouraged I take your books and start reading. It gives me strength because it is God's way. I love my husband. He divorced me and remarried; but as the bible says, a covenant cannot be broken. I'm standing for our marriage to be restored for the Glory of Jesus.

    I would like to receive your newsletter and everything you can send to me so I can be encouraged. May you pray for my husband and me?

    Thank You,


    Please remember CPR in your giving considerations. We would appreciate your gift of any size.

    You can make a difference in the distribution of this timely message.

    There may never be a more opportune time to proclaim the truth of God in the area of marriage and family.

    We appreciate those who are faithful in giving and we are secure in the knowledge that God will supply our needs as you have opportunity to give.

    God is at work around us! He is calling us all to action! You can minister to us as we minister to others.

    Thank you for giving, and God Bless.

    Dear Dr. Joseph,

    I want to congratulate you for your book, "Hasta que la muerte nos separe?" and the tenets that you teach in it. I agree with you and preach about this. Like you I also am an author with some titles in Spanish books about Christian family. If you some day visit Argentina, we welcome you here. God continue blessing your ministry and marriage.

    In Christ, Pastor O

    00 Response:

    CPR Ministries has been working on a number of projects recently - one that we're extremely excited to announce today is the book "Till Death Do Us Part?" in an AUDIO format.

    Best of all, you can listen to it on our website in its entirety, completely FREE, streaming over the web. We will update the store soon to reflect the availability of the 8-CD package (for listening on non-mp3 devices) or the 1-CD package which has the entire book in mp3 format for listening on iPod, iPhone, and other mp3 format devices.

    This is a first iteration - we'll be adding some music fill at the beginning and ending, but the book itself is 100% available for listening now. We'll announce when the next book, Trojan Horse, is complete in its audio format.

    Stay tuned!

    See (and hear) More At:


    Sincerely, CPR Ministries


    DVD Seminar Series

    "Till Death Do Us Part?"

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    "Till Death Do Us Part?" and
    "Divorce and Remarriage: The Trojan Horse Within the Church" audio books on one disc for just $25 + S&H.

    Quantity Desired:


    This is an awesome book! God chose a good man to write this for Him! Thank God and thank you for your work in His name.


    TTC - also likes this!

    00 Joseph, Patricia and staff...

    blessings to you, we pray for ALL who will listen to this wonderful book, LUCAS 24.45 what you are doing is just amazing...TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY...we are the salt.


    00 Dr. Webb,

    I am truly grateful for your obedience to God our Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. I came across your book several years ago in Williamsburg (VA) at The Pottery Factory in a book rack near the check-out. The book had originally been in a bookstore in Manassas Va. This book served as confirmation of what the Lord had begun to teach me regarding this subject. I have taught, preached this position for years but not without controversy from family and others in my community: and yes the church. I am sending you an article I sent to church leaders which deals with this subject matter among other things. Please pray for my wife and me. Thank you kindly.

    Your Brother, DD

    Brother DD,

    Thank you for your thoughtful and kind email. We are always thrilled to hear when the Holy Spirit confirms this message in the hearts of others. Very few today want to hear this truth, but so many need it.

    I would like to encourage you to go to our website: CPR-Ministries.org and find many other free teachings available. We also have another book, "Divorce and Remarriage, The Trojan Horse Within the Church" subtitled: "Whom Shall We Then Believe?"

    The website will also allow you to contact us for our latest materials available: A six DVD "Till Death Do Us Part?" seminar and an MP3 CD, with both books recorded for listening.

    The Lord is raising up new centers of influence around the world, declaring they want to be a part of spreading this teaching. Please keep in touch with us: we want to get to know more about you. We do covet your prayers!

    God bless, Pastor Webb

    Christian Principles Restored, CPR Ministries, was created with the goal of reestablishing Biblical principles concerning courting, marriage, and divorce to secure Godly permanent homes and families.

    Ministry Update
    We Will Be Then, What We Are Now!

    Revelation 4:8 says: "They rest not day and night, saying, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty."

    I sometimes wonder if many professing believers today will truly be comfortable in heaven. In heaven we will be "serving Him," "worshiping Him" and "Praising Him" for eternity.

    My question is: Do we truly enjoy doing this down here? Is Jesus Christ and His Kingdom our magnificent obsession? Is obeying Jesus Christ and His word truly our priority in life? Have we renounced all earthly possessions and relationships in total deference to His complete control of all we are and do? In other words, are we radical Christians, believing "heaven and earth will pass away, but His Word will never pass away," and "we will be judged by Jesus Christ, according to Paul's gospel?

    Our nation is in a free fall to compromise, worldliness, and godless philosophies and many Christians still pursue worldly and fleshly goals; piling up material things instead of investing in His Kingdom to restore righteousness. Many denominations have pushed larger buildings and broader church staffs, only to be experiencing church defaults and bankruptcies with pastor's leaving the ministry in greater numbers than ever before, due to moral failure, burnout, and declining attendance.

    We all know these things ought not to be, but it is only the harvest of what we as the Church have sown. Families of pastors and laymen are disintegrating at an unprecedented rate and sodomites are now occupying once strong, evangelistic churches.

    Jesus, in writing to the Church of Ephesus: Revelation 2:5, said, Do three things: 1. "Remember" In other words, see how far removed the Church is now from where it once was and ask, "Guess who moved?" 2. "Repent" In other words: Admit it and quit it. Don't make excuses for it or rationalize it. QUIT IT! 3. Next Jesus said: Do something about it immediately. "Return." "Do the first works, or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent."

    Because of these conditions, "The love of many is waxing cold." When was the last time we wept over the families in our churches, now living in adultery and unknowingly violating God's moral standards: WITH NO ONE TO TELL THEM? Do we really think we will not be held responsible, if we know the truth, but for fear of being unpopular or becoming an outcast, we remain silent and refuse to support those who are trying to be faithful to declare it? The scripture is clear: "How can they preach unless another support them?" To whom does this apply? Our neighbor? Or those of like faith?

    Jesus will say, If you refuse to get involved in the battle here and now, what makes us think death will transform us into enthusiasts in eternity? May the Lord give us the will to serve and worship Him here with the same vigilance we expect to manifest in heaven.

    Pat and I are so blessed to have the privilege of declaring His word concerning marriage and the family and to have so many faithful financial and prayer supporters year after year. Every month we receive news of more families being restored and the message being declared by others.

    At the same time, we hear of those who are lonely, dis-fellowshipped and being attacked by church members. How we long for the time when we can afford to train new workers for this ministry and establish an international office location to spread this message as never before. Should you be a part of what we are doing? We would love to hear from many more of you who regularly receive our newsletter. We believe God wants to work miracles in this ministry as a clear testimony to those who are attacking us online and in the churches. You could be a part of the solution. If the Lord asks you in that day why you hesitated to become involved, what will you say? Will you be content then with what you are here? Write and let us know. God bless you:

    Joe & Pat Webb

    Reader Questions & Letters
    Dear Dr. Webb,

    A family member recently discovered your teaching on marriage and divorce. It has shaken me because of the consequences of following through on such tough commands. My youngest daughter, who is now 44 and has 3 children, married a man 23 years ago who had been briefly married in an impulsive teenage relationship. This daughter has the best marriage of my three daughters. Would following God's commands mean she and her husband should separate? Needless to say, I shudder at the thought.

    Thank you for your answer.



    Dear Sister,

    Thank you for your letter of inquiry. What has happened in your family is directly attributed to the failure on the part of modern church theology and has caused enormous pain and heartache for those who trusted their teachers. What you or I believe is not important, but to know exactly what God's word has to say on any subject is vitally important. "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My word will never pass away." Paul the apostle also told Timothy,

    "I received my revelation directly from Jesus Christ, and if anyone preaches any other doctrine than I have taught you, let him be accursed. Even if an angel preaches anything different, let him be anathematized. We will be judged, by Jesus Christ, according to my gospel."

    I share this with you to show you the importance of knowing and obeying God's total revelation, regardless of the cost. I always encourage inquirers to read Luke 14:25-35, ten times and see how it should apply to their lives, right where they are now.

    We could spend hours emailing each other, trying to help you see what the scriptures really say on this subject, but I have written two books on the subject with all the answers for those seeking to know God's true will for this day and hour. Once you have read both books, then I will be more than willing to speak with you directly on the phone to answer any other questions.

    The illustration you have given me concerning your daughter is horribly commonplace in today's religious scene. In CA, over 65% of the pastors are now divorced and remarried. The books will explain why and how this is happening and the only solution.

    I am assuming you are a truly born again believer and are earnestly seeking truth in this incredibly important field of truth, where deception is so widespread. Paul said in I Corinthians 6 and Galations 5, "Adulterers, shall not inherit the kingdom of God." Then Jesus said, in Luke 16:18, "Whoso divorces his wife/husband and marries another commits adultery, and whosoever marries the one put away in that divorce, causes her/him to commit adultery."

    One of our earliest Church fathers said, "Anyone divorcing and marrying another, while their first partner is still alive, is in adultery THE WHOLE TIME." Please notice, I have not given you my opinion on any of these issues, only what the scriptures consistently say and what the earliest Church fathers unanimously taught.

    Again: Please note, I do not enjoy teaching something which causes such pain, but, because the Lord showed me these truths years ago, I have the responsibility to be faithful to my calling. I have divorce and remarriage in my own family and my heart aches for my loved ones also. My own mother was divorced and remarried before I was born, so, in God's eyes, I am a bastard, born out of wedlock, but He still loves me and what my parents did has no bearing on what is right or wrong. God's eternal word is always true.

    You can order both of my books online: CPR Ministries.org. We also have two new products for those seeking a deeper understanding of this information: a professionally filmed, 5 1/2 hour marriage seminar on six DVD's and an MP3 CD disc, with both books being read to you. To order the six-DVD seminar series, click here: Seminar DVD Series. To order the mp3 CD, click here: MP3 CD. I keep reminding Christians: "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." I also have to add, sometimes it will make you absolutely miserable until you obey it completely, THEN it will make you free.

    I trust this information will be a help to you. We want to focus everyone on scripture, and "not man's misguided ideas and doctrines of devils." May God richly bless you.

    Dr. Joseph A. Webb

    Sponsor a Meeting!
    If you would like to sponsor a marriage seminar in your area, please contact our office and we will be glad to work with you.

    Call us at 407-834-5233 or email us at cpr-ministries@cfl.rr.com

    Reader Questions & Letters, Continued

    Pastor Webb,

    We had attended a CMA church (Gospel Way Church) when we previously lived in Waxhaw (below Charlotte) NC. Now we attend an independent Bible church (Cornerstone Bible Fellowship) in Sudlersville, MD.

    My wife and I have really appreciated your clear exposition on the issues of divorce and remarriage, and you are clearly showing that your view had been the view/interpretation of much of the church until the time of the Reformation. Providentially, we're reading through (reformed Baptist) Pastor Nick Needham's "2000 Years of Christ's Power: Part One: The Age of the Early Church," with our son for his (home-school) history class this year, and that seems to show the same thing. It seems that there are many things the Church has changed her views on since the times of the early church.

    I hadn't properly understood Jeremiah 3:1-14 nor Matthew 19:9 before hearing your exposition of them. (I had previously read someone else's exposition of Matthew 19:9 - seeking to make the same point - but it wasn't as convincing [and perhaps I wasn't ready to "hear" it then]). Thank you for making it so plain.

    My family recently listened to your "Biblical Principles for Christian Families" and found it helpful.

    Thank you! By His Grace, RJ/DE

    Dear Brother,

    It is our desire to encourage others to be committed to Jesus Christ and Him alone. All other foundations are shifting, if not crumbling.

    We covet your prayers and participation in all we are doing. Our race is not a 50 yd. sprint. It is a marathon and God has graciously placed individuals in our lives who are there to encourage and refresh us as we continue to accomplish His calling. Thank you for being there.

    In His service, Joe and Pat Webb

    Dear Joe:

    Last night I got a call from my friend (70 years old) who lives in Green Bay. Her 'husband' of 25 years is dead (she married a divorced man) she is now dating a divorced man that is also 70. She is like a giddy schoolgirl with this man. God had this 'divine phone call' as I was able to share openly with her about her living in adultery with her first husband (talked about the first covenant and the wives still living) and now she was flirting with another adulterous relationship. I can tell you that God put the right words in my mouth to tell her. She was crying and praising God for my honesty in telling her the truth. We talked for over an hour. I called Marlin at 10:30 last night to get Webb's 2 books, Marlin's notebook, new DVD, went out and got them and had them in the mail this morning. She will get them Friday. First of all, I want Joe to know how much the lord has used him in my life to know and understand this biblical truth. To Marlin, for sticking to the truth and doing what he can to get the message out. To Marlin Darr for his encouragement. I am overwhelmed that god used me in my friends life. I talked with her this morning and she told me she repented of her sin in the first marriage and would 'cool' it with this man. I praise the lord that she has a teachable spirit because she had never heard any of this before. Her church does not know this truth either. Sin is in the camp in the majority of churches today. And they expect the blessing of God. Thank you Joe, for standing firm, and writing these books in an understandable way. I can tell you that when I now read the bible, things jump off the page that I never even understood before. I often wonder why God allowed me to understand this - I am overcome with his goodness to me. Please pray for my friend that when she receives this material she will diligently listen and read and understand. May God bless each of you and your families.

    Serving together until he returns,

    L.D. IA

    I hope you don't mind if I have some more MDR questions


    Can a Christian remain in the company of another professing Christian who is living in a MDR lifestyle?


    I don't understand the phrase, 'in the company of.' We are always to be salt and light, without compromising truth.


    Can they remain friends....prayer partners.....have fellowship together?


    Friends, yes. Prayer partners? The Bible says "If I regard iniquity in my heart, God will not hear my prayer." Is adultery sin? Is the friend living in adultery? Do you think God means what He says? Is praying then a possible waste of time until repentance takes place? One can be a friend and not have Christian 'fellowship' with that person. "What concord does light have with darkness?"


    Should those aware of MDR....be silent and just pray for the others to see the error of their way....or warn them?


    I usually recommend you give them my two books and ask them to evaluate them. After that, let nature take its course. You might not reject them but they might reject you. Can you live with that? Jesus said, "Don't think it strange if the world hates you." Why do you think He would tell us that? Is it possible the world will be offended when you tell them the truth? Are you willing to have "fellowship in Christ's sufferings, being made conformable to His death?"


    How many times do you warn them?


    It is always better to inform them than to warn them. If you warn them, you become their conscience. If you inform them you give their conscience new information to process. If that new information brings conviction, then the Lord has used you to bring Holy Spirit conviction to them and they then become responsible to decide what they will do with that information. We can never place a time schedule on the Holy Spirit. "His ways are above our ways and His thoughts above ours." He is much more interested in that person being saved than we can ever be and He can cause a person to change, while we cannot. I know of some people who heard this message and it didn't bear fruit for years. We have to remember what Paul said, "One sows, another waters, but God gives the increase."


    ...and How do you warn them?


    Encourage them to, "Search the scriptures." To know, "The entrance of thy word giveth light." To believe, "He will teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever He has said unto us." and, "You shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will make you free." Because, "Thy word is truth."


    What if the person is the Pastor of your church?


    Then you are definitely in the wrong church and following the wrong person. I Timothy 3:1 says, "This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop (Pastor), he desireth a good work". He is the husband of ONE WIFE. (This is a command, not a suggestion. It either qualifies a man for office or disqualifies him.) It doesn't make any difference how talented or gifted he is. Fidelity in his marriage is the first requirement. The explanation for this commandment is found in vs. 5, "For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?" Please note: I didn't say this. Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, declared this as the first requirement.


    What do you do if majority of people including the pastors are living in MDR relationships in the church you attend...can you still remain part of their fellowship once enlightened about the truth of MDR?


    What would you do if this same majority were homosexuals or lesbians, or harlots, or thieves, or drunkards, etc.? Would you stay in that fellowship? I Corinthians 6:9,10 says if anyone dies, living in any of these lifestyles, they "shall not inherit the kingdom of God."

    AGAIN: I DIDN'T SAY THIS. Paul declared it as part of the divine revelation he received directly from Jesus Christ. Paul also warns us not to say anything different from what he has said or a curse would accompany it.


    What if it is a close family member: father, mother, sister, brother or cousin?


    I have experienced this in my family for sixty years. I have loved them and have seen some come to a saving faith in Christ, not by compromising what I believe, but by living the example before them.


    What if you are living in the same house with them......boarding (cheap rent).... do you remain?


    I lived with my mother and father for several years before leaving to study for the ministry, and my mother was in a second relationship. (Hence, I and my sisters are bastards, born out of wedlock, whom the Lord dearly loves.) My mother repented on her death bed because she said: "I could see the difference in your life from the others who just profess without any true commitment."


    Must the relationship/fellowship be severed....if there is no admitting it or quitting it?


    It has NEVER been our responsibility to make anyone 'admit it and quit it.' That is the work of the Holy Spirit! If He doesn't convict them because of something they have heard, seen or read, you and I certainly cannot make it happen.


    Must the relationship/fellowship be severed....if there is Admitting..... but no quitting it ... instead just going on living it?


    FELLOWSHIP YES, but friendship and a loving relationship no. Again, in I Cor. 7:13-15 , Paul tells a 'believing wife or husband NOT to leave an unbelieving partner if they will allow you to live with them.' If they won't, then you are free to cease your husbandly or wifely duties and remain single until true reconciliation can take place. People SIN because they are SINNERS. They are not SINNERS because they SIN. It is their nature and only a rebirth will transform them. It makes no difference how religious or pious they are, they need to repent and yield to Jesus Christ. We cannot make them do it. We can only let them see Jesus in us. Jesus didn't come for the RIGHTEOUS, but for the UNRIGHTEOUS. Jesus loved the sinner! He died for the sinner! He told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel. That is the 'good news,' that whosoever repents of their sin and turns in faith to Jesus Christ to forgive them and deliver them from the bondage of darkness, will be saved.

    I do pray this will help you. Let me encourage you to order our latest product: Our complete seminar on Marriage and Divorce, on six DVD's. It will answer many more questions for you and allow you to share it with many others.

    God Bless,

    Joseph A. Webb

    Points to Ponder
    "They rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God almighty."

    - Revelation 4:8

    It is surely an erroneous supposition for humans to think or to believe that death will transform our attitude and dispositions. This is what I mean: if in this life we are not really comfortable talking and singing about heaven and its joy, I doubt that death will transform us into enthusiasts! If the worship and adoration of God are tedious now, they will be tedious also after the hour of death. I do not know that God is going to force any of us into His heaven. I doubt that He will say to any of us, "You were never very interested in worshiping Me while you were on earth, but in heaven I am going to make that your greatest interest and your ceaseless occupation." Controversial? Perhaps, but in the heavenly scene John describes, the living creatures crying "Holy, holy, holy!" rest neither day nor night. My fear is that too many of God's professing people down here are resting far too often between their efforts to praise and glorify the living God!


    Lord, give me the will to worship you now as I will worship in heaven.

    Taken From:

    Renewed Day-by-Day

    CPR for Marriages
    Thousands of families have been strengthened and restored to a solid scriptural foundation through the teachings of Dr. Joseph Webb.

    In CPR for Marriages and the Marriages for Life Conferences, Dr. Webb presents a scripturally balanced approach to identify the errors of popular teaching. He reveals the destructive influence these errors have had on the earthly family and the body of Christ. His presentation on the sanctity and permanence of marriage is both relevant in the preservation of families and shows that our walk with God is not about us, but is to be lived in a way that will bring Glory to God.


    We are asking everyone who has an email address to please email us (and your friends) this month so you and they can begin to receive the newsletter on your computer! This will allow us to send periodic updates and notifications of prayer requests. Your help in this will be greatly appreciated! We would like to be in touch - more often!

    You can reach us at cpr-ministries@cfl.rr.com



    A B C's of Salvation

    A: All have sinned

    All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God
    Romans 3:23

    B: Believe in the Lord Jesus

    Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved
    Acts 16:3

    C: Confess and repent of all our sins. Then every sin we have ever committed can be forgiven.

    If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to fogive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness
    I John 1:9

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