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    Seminars & Conferences

    00 SEPTEMBER 24-25, 2010

    Eigth Annual - Mountain Valley Mennonite Churches Fall Assembly

    Contact: Mr. Raleigh Rhode

    Calvary Mennonite Church
    Mt. Clinton, VA
    Ph: 640.810.7002


    00 OCTOBER 15-17, 2010

    Marriage Seminar - Faith Mennonite Fellowship
    Kevin Yoder, Sr. Pastor

    Faith Mennonite Fellowship
    Crawford, MS

    Contact: Mr. Craig Miller
    Ph: 662.762.5424

    00 OCTOBER 21-24, 2010

    Third Annual - Marriages for Life Conference

    Praise, Power & Prayer Temple
    209 Kennedy Rd
    Windsor, CT 06095

    Contact: Rev. Ray McMahon, Pastor
    Ph: 860.285.8898


    Ministry Update
    This has been a very busy and productive year despite the financial constraints we have experienced. As the finances have come in, we have moved ahead with our projects to make this message more available and fruitful than ever.
    1. As soon as we can get the labels designed and printed, we will have available for the first time, a DVD of the entire seminar available for those who have never been able to attend. This will be a total 5 1/2 hour seminar, broken down into 40-50 minute segments to be shown in your home or Sunday School classes, or home Bible study groups.
    2. Again, as soon as finances become available, we will have both of our books available on CD's to be listened to in two different forms. One will be mp3 files with both books on one CD that can also be transferred to your mp3 player/iPods, and the other format will be standard CD's that can be played in your car or home CD player that may not be mp3 compatible. These books will become available around the world to be read or listened to, thus eliminating prohibitive postal and printing costs.
    3. We will soon have a DVD interview, filmed in Pittsburgh, PA, by Dr. Mike Gorrie, available online in video format be freely viewed and forwarded to everyone on your e-mail list. This will allow us to bypass all the blocks which those who disagree with this message have set up, on radio and television, and distribute this truth without being shut down.
    4. We are getting prepared for the coming Fall schedule. We have had many radio interviews and have several conferences and seminars scheduled. Pat and I do covet your prayers, asking the Lord for continued strength and wisdom to fight the good fight.
    Please realize, these are all time consuming and work intensive, with hours and hours of recording and editing. How we pray The Lord He will allow us to finish all of them this Summer.

    Make no mistake about it, we are in the battle of the ages right now. Not from the world, but from some of the churches who now refuse to even allow those who believe in the sanctity of marriage to remain in their services unless they agree not to say anything about it to others. To them, to speak of this truth would be "unfeeling, insensitive and offensive to others who may be in 'new relationships." Maybe you have been receiving this newsletter for a long time strictly as observers and not participants. What has to happen before you realize, if you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem? Will you join us in this endeavor and declare, "I am on the Lord's side, and will become involved in the solution!"?

    How shall they preach if they are not sent?
    Please pray for us!

    God bless: Joe & Pat Webb

    Message from Joe & Pat
    A Present-day Tragedy-----

    In our society today, many millions of dollars have been spent by Christians and Christian organizations to stop sodomite marriages in our society, thinking they could get our secular officials to pass moral legislation on this issue.

    Now, after millions of hours of effort and many millions of dollars spent, a landslide of laws are now being passed to legalize such unions in state after state. Many of these states have announced their intention to legalize these unions completely.

    God's word tells us to 'Preach the word...' and 'You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free...' With the present day church having rejected the Biblical truth about divorce and remarriage, how can it speak with authority concerning these other societal problems?

    I was driving down the street the other day and the car ahead of me had a bumper sticker that read:

    Marriage = one man, one woman

    This grieved my heart because it is not scriptural. The Church has swallowed this statement completely and asks anyone who disagrees, to leave. Biblical truth says:

    One man, one woman, for life.

    I recently had two more people notify me their church had told them to leave because they believe marriage is for life.

    Many pastors today know if they would preach the permanence of marriage from their pulpits, their congregations would flee and they would lose their leadership positions and possibly their ordination.

    Brothers and Sisters, this ought not be! If ever there was a time for the Church to go on the offensive, declaring this truth, handing out books and CD's to make this truth known, it is NOW!

    The majority of present day church members do not know this truth and will not hear it from their pulpits. If they are to ever hear, we will have to lose our timidity and fear of rejection and tell the truth. What they do with it is their responsibility, and their blood will not be on our hands. Until we who believe this truth anguish over this social sin, crying out in repentance for our nation before a Holy God, there will not be a revival.

    Millions of dollars are being diverted to other programs that will not bring the Church to TRUE repentance and revival. These other ministries are patching old wineskins instead of restoring New Testament truth in this area concerning Biblical families. Every true revival the Church of Jesus Christ has ever experienced REQUIRED genuine repentance of sin. A genuine revival occurs when a few people with broken hearts begin telling others what they didn't want to hear, believing the Holy Spirit would do the rest.

    If the Church does not repent of its distorted, adulterous teachings, our next generation will not survive spiritually. Instead, it will be cloning itself with another generation more determined to disregard this moral truth, than the present one.

    Whatever this generation does in moderation, the next generation will do to extreme.

    In Revelation 2:10, Jesus wrote to the Church in Thyatira. His charge is easily applicable to today.

    Notwithstanding, I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication.
    (The Living Bible says: "To teach my servants that sexual sin is not a serious matter, she teaches them to practice immorality...")

    This teaching today carries the title: "The higher mysteries of Christian liberty." We are being told, "All you have to do is say you are sorry, and it is OVER."

    When it comes to divorce and remarriage, while our covenant partner is still alive, such an action is not just sin, but the violation of a divine covenant, expressed in the presence of the God who created marriage and said, "It is VERY GOOD."

    In reality and truth, we can say, "I'm sorry." until we are blue in the face. But, until we repent and turn away from our adulterous (second, third, fourth etc.) relationship, there can be NO FORGIVENESS.

    In II Cor. 7:9-11, Paul was speaking concerning the young man in I Cor. 6 , who had committed, 'fornication' with his father's wife, and how the Church had responded to his chastising them about the situation. Now Paul commends them for a godly response to his admonition.

    Now I rejoice, not that ye were made sorry, but that ye sorrowed to repentance: for ye were made sorry after a godly manner, that ye might receive damage by us in nothing. For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. For behold this selfsame thing, that ye sorrowed after a godly sort, what carefulness it wrought in you, yea, what clearing of yourselves, yea, what indignation, yea, what fear, yea, what vehement desire, yea, what zeal, yea, what revenge! In all things ye have approved yourselves to be clear in this matter.

    This is godly repentance: A total change of direction and heart. Many today are quick to say they are 'sorry' but refuse to quit it.

    Basil the Great, A.D. 135, one of the great doctors of the Church said of this situation,

    ...The woman who lives with an adulterer is an adulterer THE WHOLE TIME... A man who marries another man's wife, who has been taken away from him, will be charged with adultery.

    This is the message the Church needs to hear if She will ever see a genuine, Holy Ghost revival!

    Until the Church gets this marriage issue right, the world will not listen to us and neither will the Lord. Jesus said,

    Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.

    NOTE: Sometimes truth makes us miserable until we obey it, and then it will make us FREE.

    In these days we must admonish ourselves to keep our eyes on the sky and at the same time, keep both of our hands on the plow, refusing to look back. May HE find us continuously fighting the good fight of faith and being willing to stand alone for His glory, even if others wish we would remain quiet. AMEN?

    NOTE: To order the book: "Divorce and Remarriage: The Trojan Horse Within The Church" you can call Xulon Press @ 866-909-2665 or visit us at www.cpr-ministries.org, to order that book or the book "Till Death Do Us Part?"

    (You can also listen to the book online for free, by visiting our Listen Now page!)

    Sponsor a Meeting!
    If you would like to sponsor a marriage seminar in your area, please contact our office and we will be glad to work with you.

    Call us at 407-834-5233 or email us at cpr-ministries@cfl.rr.com

    Letters & Notes
    Thank you for your recent newsletter. They are always so encouraging. I just got it duplicated and have sent it out.

    I will send you a separate email so that I can be on the email news letter list.

    It sounds like you and Pat have been standing for VICTORY and victory you received ! ! ! Praise the Lord! Living in the kingdom of God principle is the best isn't it! Continue to delight yourself in the Lord, expecting the desires of your hearts to be fulfilled! PTL! ! !

    God bless us all, K.S. CA

    Dear Dr. Webb:

    In my prayer-time this morning, I felt the Lord prompt me to send you an offering in support of your ministry to restore the biblical principle of covenant marriage for a lifetime....

    You may not remember me. I was a member of a church group in 2006, when the committee on Biblical Doctrine offered a study on divorce and remarriage that was a challenge to the Church's previous stand against it. The committee was to put the question before the assembly at its bi-annual meeting in 2006. I prepared a rebuttal to the Study which the committee had offered the membership prior to the Assembly. Someone (I don't know who) sent you a copy of my paper, and you telephoned me to encourage me that indeed my Paper was in agreement with the scriptural teachings on that subject. Under parliamentary maneuvers, the motion was called "passed." Many of those churches have now begun to accept members who have been divorced and remarried.

    I am no longer a member of this church organization. In 2007 our local church suffered a "hostile takeover," by a group that had left our church 10 years prior and had formed an independent church. Their doctrinal positions were totally different with regard to the baptism in the Holy Spirit, sanctification, and divorce and remarriage, among other things. The CEO of this group, was an attorney, who had been reared in the church I formerly attended, and although he operated his new church as an independent church, he kept close ties with the former group I was a part of, and the church officials who made the radical doctrinal changes in our former group and provided them with pro-bono legal services. That gave him an inside track. In 2008 the state overseer appointed this attorney as an interim pastor of our church, and he wanted to merge his Independent congregation with our congregation (small at that time). We, however, voted in a ratio of 3 to 1 against the merger. This interim pastor called the merger 'passed' anyway. The next day he had the locks changed on the door and our treasurer and maintenance man were locked out. The details of the story are too long to recount; but in the takeover, our long-time trustees were removed and theirs installed. They voted to remove our group as members, (about 18) and we lost the church building valued at over $2 million. Most of these are seniors, and the men had physically built the church, while the women cooked for them like the old fashion 'barn raisings.' Our state overseer allowed the takeover, which we believe was a 'payoff' to the CEO for his pro bono work.

    We have a remnant of about 15 who are continuing to hold together, with the purpose of remaining faithful to the scriptures as we understand them. We have a wonderful young man who is acting as interim pastor. he is a high school math teacher and coach, and the Lord is truly anointing him in ministering to us. The Lord has been faithful in his provision for us; and although we do not know what the future holds, the Lord, by the Holy Spirit, has let us know that He is with us.

    I am receiving your Newsletter, and I rejoice in the letters that contain testimonies of God's grace in revealing the truth regarding divorce and remarriage, and the restoration that follows obedience to God's Word.

    I am praying the Lord will inspire you to use the enclosed offering to plant many seeds of truth regarding His plan of covenant marriage, and may God continue to bless your ministry in every way. All because of Jesus.

    E.T. /VA

    Dr. Webb,

    I am glad I am not alone on what the Bible says about marriage and divorce.

    Thank you for rightly dividing the word and for being the man of God to tell the truth about this topic.

    In Christ, K. W. (iPhone)

    Dr. Webb:

    "This is an awesome book! God chose a good man to write this for Him! Thank God and thank you for your work in His name."

    S.B. / Face page

    Catching Up!

    Some of you will remember the couple who had been married for 34 years, divorced and the husband initiated another relationship with another woman who had two children for fourteen years. A Christian brother gave him our book: "Till Death Do Us Part?" and told him 'the Lord had told him to give him the book.' He took it home, read it and burned it. Weeks later he called the man who had given the book to him and said: "I burned the book; but I CANNOT BURN WHAT I READ.'

    He repented, left the woman with two children, went home and repented to his family. They were restored. Praise God.

    The following letter (which is edited for lack of space) is from this restored man and his wife. You will see how obeying Christ is always the best way.

    Dear Joe & Pat,

    Hello. I guess this letter is long overdue. Yes, we are still alive and well. A lot has happened in the last year. We were reunited April 20 of 2008 and have enjoyed many blessings since then. We have also spent much time looking for a church home, only to be disappointed time after time. For awhile we just didn't go anywhere...

    On March 14, we were reunited with a church...and were able to share our experience of the new birth and our time before, during and after the divorce. The church was packed and they borrowed phone lines from another church as well as the minister's home phone line. It was said that all together, 250 people could listen in and they were near to overloaded.

    We say all of this to praise God! We are very blessed; our joy is full and we have peace with God, Praise Him forever. Our faith is strong.

    May God help you to spread his word to please Him.

    Yours in Christ,
    K. & E. B. PA

    Questions & Answers
    In researching how you have been receiving our newsletters by E-mail, we were amazed to find how many of you spent more time in the 'Questions' section than any other.

    As time permits I try to answer questions to help you know how to respond when others use rationalizations and humanistic philosophies to justify their sins. We pray these questions and answers will be a blessing to you as you stand for truth.

    Questions from our readers:

    Dear brother in Christ,

    I trust you and yours are both physically and spiritually well. We have just returned from a week vacation in the countryside and all is well.

    I have been occupied already for some time with questions as to what constitutes a marriage in God's eyes and have added some questions on this subject. Could you perhaps help me to find a Scriptural answer to these?


    There is no other source for answers for God's children than the Scriptures.


    1. An Islamic man has over a period of time married four women in accordance with the laws of his country. Then after some time he becomes truly converted (a Christian) and joins a local church in his own country. Should he continue to live with all four of his wives (with the children)? Are all wives his actual wives in God's eyes or just one?


    Mark 10:6-8

    But from the beginning of the creation GOD made them male (singular) and female (singular). For this cause shall A MAN (singular) leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife (singular): And they twain (these TWO) shall be ONE Flesh: so then they are no more twain (two), but ONE FLESH. What therefore GOD hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

    This is God's plan, perimeters, and limitations. If we add to this or take away from this, a curse attends it.


    2. A young woman who had been part of polygamist sect and who was married with other women to one man has left this sect and the compound of this sect. In fact, she is no longer allowed to visit her former sect members. She has repented of her sins and intends to join the local church. How should this local church deal with her (marital state)?


    Unless she was wife #1, she has repented of an illicit fornicating relationship, is cleansed by the blood of Jesus and is now free to enter into a covenant relationship with a single man or a widower. There was no God-recognized covenant because the man gave title of his body to the first woman when they exchanged vows and he no longer had title of his body to give to other, subsequent women until the death of his first wife.


    3. A group of men and women are married to each other in a tribal setting in Africa (several men and several women) in accordance with the laws of the tribe. Then as a result of mission work, a woman of this group becomes truly converted (a Christian). Shortly afterwards she intends to join a local church in her own country. Should she continue to live with this group and to whom is she married in God's eyes?


    Same answer as above. There is no covenant beyond the first partners.


    4. An Islamic man in Afghanistan (He is 70 years old) gets married with a child of 8 years old. The marriage takes place with the consent of the parents and is in accordance to local tribal laws. Is this a legal marriage in God's eyes? As soon as the girl reaches the age of eighteen she wants to divorce this man. Is this from a Scriptural point of view allowed and is she allowed to be remarried?


    In this situation, family authority becomes the key. As wrong as it might be, God has given the father the authority to acknowledge or deny the validity of a daughter's vow, 'in the day he hears of it.' Num. 30:3-4.


    5. A young man and a woman have the intention to marry while they are close relatives (nephew and niece). In many western countries this is forbidden, but in some eastern countries it is not. Suppose they come from a country and culture where this is not forbidden and customary and are actually married. Are they then legally married in God's eyes? Suppose they both get truly converted, immigrate to the USA and want to join a local church. How should this local church deal with them?


    Please remember: when it comes to marriage, the tribal traditions, national, civil laws mean NOTHING. God invented the marriage institution, set its boundaries and laws. Even if Civil law approves of anything contrary to what God says, God's laws forbid it. Leviticus 18:6 clearly says:

    NONE OF YOU shall approach to any that is near of kin to him, to uncover their nakedness: I am the Lord.
    NOW, If anyone has trouble understanding this King James Version, let me read it from a paraphrased version: The Living Bible, which is supposed by some to make the scriptures easier to understand.
    None of you shall marry a near relative, FOR I AM THE LORD.
    Is that more understandable?

    Now if we apply this portion of scripture to the above described situation, the Lord not only says such a marriage is forbidden, but is accompanied by a curse. If these persons come into a church and make a profession of faith, should we hide this fact, lest we offend them? Please remember: THE WORD OF GOD IS OFFENSIVE!!! We don't have to be, the Word will be offensive for us because it has the right to be offended by any kind of sin. Today, people are going to their church after being scripturally, spiritually and legally married in the Church and are asking the Church to ANNUL the legal marriage, which might include many LEGAL children. I am asked, "If the Church which married us annuls the marriage, can I remarry someone else now? The Church says I can."

    Please remember: God's word says,

    NO MAN may separate what God has joined together.

    Remember: the Church CANNOT make you one flesh, thus they cannot make you twain again. Only God joins and affirms a one flesh relationship, and only on His terms.


    6. Two (Dutch) adults of the same sex marry in accordance with the laws of their country. Is this a legal marriage in God's eyes? Suppose they immigrate to the USA and both get truly converted and intend to join a local church. How should this local church deal with them?


    I am frustrated to have to repeat myself over and over to respond to your questions with the same answer. God doesn't care if they are Dutch (with their civil laws) or any other country. God's word clearly condemns fornication, adultery and sodomy with the same authority, regardless of what the Civil laws say. I don't have to give an opinion here: I only refer you to the clear, undistorted teachings of scripture concerning sodomy. If a church preaches and practices the Word of God without fear or favor, they won't have to blink to know what counsel they need to share with such persons. If ANYONE has trouble understanding the clear teachings on this lifestyle, it is because they WANT to set aside God's commands for 'men's misguided ideas and doctrines of demons.' Read: Lev. 18:22-30, Rom. 1:26 & 27, Jude vss. 7, 17-20, and I Cor. 6:9.


    7. A man and woman have been married for five years and then get divorced. After some time they both remarry another woman and man and get divorced again. The man remarries for the third time and then gets truly converted and intends to join a local church. How should this local church deal with this couple?


    ??? Now you are asking me to compare apples with pears and onions with sugar.

    The first marriage (if first for both) is the covenant marriage. Their later relationships were adulterous the whole time. See Luke 16:18. If a thief comes to the altar to be saved, should he stop stealing? If a prostitute comes to the altar to be saved and continues to practice prostitution, How should the local church deal with them?

    Except ye REPENT, ye shall all likewise perish.
    ...whether you belong to the fastest growing church in town or not. A person can go to church and go to hell also. I know a family who lived in a garage for three years and none of them turned into an automobile. A church should not open the door of membership to ANYONE who has not repented of their past sins and turned away from them.


    8. A (North African) Christian woman is unwillingly given into marriage to a Islamic man. The marriage takes place with the consent of the parents and is in accordance with the laws of the country. Are they then legally married in God's eyes? Is the girl from a Scriptural point of view allowed to divorce this man and be remarried?

    Answer: See I Cor. 7:10 - 14


    9. A young Christian girl marries a young 'Christian' man and finds out after the wedding, that the young man for years has had a gay relationship, still has homosexual feelings and from time to time has sexual relationships with other men. She has been deliberately mislead. Are they then legally married in God's eyes? Is the girl from a Scriptural point of view allowed to divorce this man and be remarried?


    This is happening more and more today. I Cor. 10,11 answers this question for you. NO: there is no need to remarry, she is already married and will be until death. This is a part of the FOR BETTER OR WORSE ceremony they participated in at the first and only marriage. I wonder which part of "remain unmarried" we don't understand?


    10. A young Christian girl marries a young 'Christian' man. During the wedding night she finds out that he has a very serious physical deficiency and that he will never be able to fulfill his (sexual) duties towards her and that they will be childless. She has been deliberately mislead. Are they then legally married in God's eyes? Is the girl from a Scriptural point of view allowed to divorce this man and be remarried?


    No and NO. If it were so, Abraham could have dumped Sarah early on and gotten God's program underway much sooner. If one could use this excuse, it would require each couple contemplating marriage to 'try each other out several times, to make sure everything is working right' before they give and receive vows in marriage. Imagine if a man said, 'my wife has gotten too fat for me, and she said she would keep herself trim.' Would that be grounds for divorce and remarriage? Such reasoning's are foolishness and wishful thinking. God has no part in such foolishness. Read:


    11. A young couple has faithfully lived together for several years and registered for a partnership because they have children.

    • A. Are they married in God's eyes? Suppose both get truly converted?
    • B. They intend to join a local church
    How should this local church deal with them? Should they get legally married at the town hall?

    Answer A:

    Then the problem is solved. If they were 'truly converted', they have truly repented and forsaken their sinful ways and did whatever was necessary to get their hearts right with God.

    Answer B:

    If they truly repented, they would have quit living in fornication, asked their children and families to please forgive them for their sinful lifestyle and promised the local church to NEVER defend any of their past disobediences when asked about them. Problem solved. IF they WERE 'TRULY CONVERTED.'

    Question 12:

    • A. Two young people (18 years old) go on holiday and have sexual intercourse
    • B. The girl gets remorseful and insists they marry immediately


    • A. Sex does not constitute marriage
    • B. This 'remorsefulness', is it conviction, fear, or sorrow because she allowed it to happen?

      By "insisting", does this mean she has been in control the whole time?

    Question 12 Cont'd:

    • C. The next day, they go to the nearest county clerk and get married...

    Answer to (C):

    Question is answered - she was in control.

    Question 12 Cont'd:

    After the holiday is over the young man goes his own way again and feels no responsibility towards his 'wife'.


    What he thinks or feels does not change reality or alter its certainty.

    Question 12 Cont'd:

    He even breaks off their relationship and starts another relationship. He looks back to his 'marriage' as a necessary joke in order to continue to have sex with his girlfriend.


    (In this instance, perception is not reality even if for his perceived convenience.)

    Question 12 Cont'd:

    Later on both say that they acted in ignorance.


    Too bad. Ignorance has never been an escape from divine punishment. If it were, we should tell every missionary in the world to come home and don't tell another person about salvation through repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. If they don't know, they won't be judged. HUH?

    Question 12 Cont'd:

    Are they legally married in God's eyes?


    No, they are scripturally married, FOR LIFE. Isn't it interesting how many people want to sow wild oats and then pray for a crop failure?

    Be not deceived, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.


    Some say that sexual intercourse between a man and woman constitutes marriage. Others say that an official document from the town hall (with witnesses) is necessary in order to speak of a legal marriage. Others say that the blessing of a pastor, priest, elder, etc, is necessary in order to speak of a marriage in God's eyes.


    How many of these people were in attendance in the Garden of Eden?

    In some countries and cultures there is no official document which proves that one is married or not. A marriage certificate does not constitute a genuine biblical marriage because the State cannot make anyone 'one flesh.' The State can only affirm a couple fulfilled God's requirements to be married so their citizens can be properly organized in their files.


    What I in particular want to understand from Scripture is: what constitutes a marriage in God's eyes, and how should we deal with situations such as described in the questions? I would appreciate your help. With sincere greetings yours in our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ,

    L. M., Netherlands


    Read: Gen. 2:18,23,24. That constitutes a scriptural marriage. Just remember there are SAINTS AND AINT'S. Those who do it God's way are saints, those who do it man's way are AINT'S.

    There is a way that SEEMETH right unto a man, but the end thereof are the WAYS OF DEATH.

    If you and I profess to be servants of Jesus Christ, then OBEY HIM AND HIS WORD. Nothing else matters. Read Luke 14:25-35 several times and ask yourself: "Whose servant am I?"

    The answer you get back will determine what you will do with this information. I only pray you will allow this to help you.


    Now that I have taken the time to answer your questions, let me encourage you to order and study both of our books. They will have more definitive answers on many other subjects and will give you a basis for answering all other questions on this subject. What I have given you is not denominational or political, but biblical.

    Heaven and earth will pass away, but His word will NEVER pass away.

    God bless you,
    Dr. Joseph Webb

    L.M.'s Reply:

    Dr. Webb,

    Most of the questions I formulated are no longer an exception, but become more and more a reality in the society where we live.

    Your view on these subjects is almost the same as I have learned from Scripture over the years and the view of a minority.

    However, the Lord knows and blesses those who, through His own grace hold on to and do according His Word.

    You were so kind of sending me your two books in the past. I have read both of them and was much helped by them, especially the chapter on vows was very helpful. I ask these more specific questions as some of them I had to deal with myself or close relatives and wasn't able to distill an answer directly from your book as my insight in these is very small.

    Thank you again for your help. Grace be with you, mercy, and peace, from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love.

    Yours in Christ,
    L. M. / Netherlands

    Exciting News!

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    Please note: Online Sermons are being added as frequently as possible. Thank you for your patience. Please check back often.

    Points to Ponder

    Conquer First, Bless Second

    The experiences of men who walked with God in olden times agree to teach that the Lord cannot fully bless a man until He has first conquered him. The degree of blessing enjoyed by any man will correspond exactly with the completeness of God's victory over him. This is a badly neglected tenet of the Christian creed, not understood by many in this self-assured age, but it is nevertheless of living importance to us all. This spiritual principle is well illustrated in the Book of Genesis.

    Jacob was the wily old heel-catcher whose very strength was to him a near-fatal weakness. For two-thirds of his total life, he had carried in his nature something hard and unconquered. The picture he presented was not a pretty one. He was a vessel marred in the making. His hope lay in his own defeat. In kindness God touched the hollow of his thigh and won the victory over him. It was only after he had gone down to humiliating defeat that he began to feel the joy of release from his own evil strength, the delight of God's conquest over him. Then he cried aloud for the blessing and refused to let go till it came. It had been a long fight, but for God (and for reasons known only to Him) Jacob had been worth the effort. Now he became another man, the stubborn and self-willed rebel was turned into a meek and dignified friend of God. He had "prevailed" indeed, but through weakness, not through strength.

    Taken from: The Divine Conquest-Chapter 4-Victory Through Defeat.

    In prayer, the heart leaps to meet with God just as a child runs to his mother's arms, ever sure that with her is the sympathy that meets every need.

    E.M. Bounds

    ...we cry, "Abba, Father"
    Romans 8:15

    Prayer: Holy Father, let us bury our strength and allow You to prevail in us through our weakness. Amen


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    A B C's of Salvation

    A: All have sinned

    All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God
    Romans 3:23

    B: Believe in the Lord Jesus

    Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved
    Acts 16:3

    C: Confess and repent of all our sins. Then every sin we have ever committed can be forgiven.

    If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to fogive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness
    I John 1:9

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