book“Till Death Do Us Part?” is an in depth study of the permanency of marriage. The author provides a substantial degree of information provided in Scriptures from Genesis thru the New Testament. The author is convincingly effective in showing God’s design for marriage for all mankind.

We believe this book will be appreciated by those whose first loyalty is to the Word of God rather than the traditions and doctrines of men; and by those willing to weigh the evidence and rethink popular opinion.

The conclusions reached in, “Till Death Do Us Part?” may disturb many, but know this: it is kinder to disturb with truth, than to comfort someone with information based upon false premises, to their own detriment.

“The work of God’s watchman is not to delight, pacify, or titillate those under his care. His task instead is to let his voice, like a trumpet, reverberate a clear, articulate alarm whenever the enemy appears. That trumpet call must not infer uncertainty or doubt, but rouse the city to definite action. If the watchman fails here, the blood of the city will be on his hands, and the shame of his failure will never leave him.
Oh watchman, sound the warning; the enemy is already in the city.”

– Dr. Joseph A. Webb


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