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From those who are living it…
If only our church leaders would teach this truth.
Thank you…

From those who are living it...

Dear Sir,
I have read the book “Till Death Do Us Part?” and I was so pleased at how plain and clear from the scriptures itself, he made all my fuzziness about several things disappear. My husband and I are separated (not one bit my choice, I still dearly love him). But, what I wasn’t exactly clear on was, should he remarry and then wan to come back to me later, that passage in Deut., had me puzzled. But praise the Lord, he really will always be my husband, till death do us part. Praise God. I appreciate and agree 100% with everything you wrote in your book and I think it needs to be preached from every hilltop. The pain and heartbreak from divorce and separation is enough to trip a person’s heart to shreds. Oh, go for it, make your message ring throughout the world.

An update from R. from IL.
Since her last letter sister R. has continued to grow through prayer, reading of the Word, and fellowshipping with other believers in her home church. Recently she volunteered in a cancer ward at a local hospital and learned how to work with terminal patients. When she left that work, the Lord opened many doors of opportunity to minister to patients outside of a hospital setting and sensed the Lord leading her into this type of ministry on a full time basis.
She went on to say, “In the past year and a half I have given up the man I loved, my children, my grandsons, my home, and my possessions to live for, obey, and follow the Lord. If the Lord can restore a backslider of 19 years back to Him and turn my life so totally around that all I want to do is serve and obey the Lord, He can do the same for others.” I want to encourage your readers not to give up on their loved ones or friends who have gone back into the world. Jesus is our Great Shepherd. We who belong to Him and have gone astray, He will come and find us and bring us back to the safety of the flock. It may take years to do this, but He loves His children and He is faithful and long-suffering toward us. I want to thank you Pastor Webb, for your faithfulness in praying for me and keeping in touch with me over this past one and a half years. I also want to thank all your readers who have prayed for me. God has answered your prayers. I am no longer the very broken hearted, grief filled bewildered person I was when I returned back home on March 2,2001. The Lord has strengthened me and I have been totally transformed by the renewing of my mind. He has given me a purpose for living a life dedicated to Him…Love In Christ,
-R.L., IL

Dear Pastor Webb;
I am the single mother of an 8 year old girl. Her father is a divorced man; I was wife number 2. He is now on wife number 3. I found out while I was pregnant that he was having an affair with a woman who had left her husband and child so she could marry my husband. I was totally distraught. I felt I could not get a divorce. I thought marriage vows were very serious. I actually watched my parents divorce when I was 17. It was traumatic for the family.
In response to my (name deleted) infidelity, I turned to my parish priest. (I was raised Catholic.)
I ended up joining a Bible study through the church, and God also surrounded me with Christians: I was so confused. I searched God’s word and tried to figure out what to do. The Lord blessed me with two close people who knew God’s truth. One grew up in Minnesota and fed me scriptures on marriage and divorce. He never came out and told me: – Now I know God used him to lead me to the truth. My cousin, (name deleted) attended an assembly where they preach against divorce and remarriage. I was saved as a result of seeking God about what to do about my marriage. She gave me your book, “Till Death Do Us Part?” I could not even read it! My hands were trembling so badly, I could not get past the first few pages. I was sure I could not get a divorce and if I did, I know I could never remarry. I searched and searched. God finally allowed me to see the truth. I was able to then sit down and read your book straight through…
I told (name deleted), that our relationship was wrong and gave him your book and a Bible. I have taught my child that I cannot be with her father, and that his first wife is the only one that God will ever recognize. I had such peace about this. It was like flicking on a light switch. I have shared my reason for my divorce with many people, but most of them continue in their sin. I am careful to hear from the Lord before sharing.
I am so grateful for your ministry! The world is so wicked, but many Christians are blind to this adultery.
I see my friend’s churches filled with remarried couples. I left the Catholic Church, and attend (name deleted) church…
The devil has often attacked me, but I am very firm in this area.
One man, who asked me to marry him, was totally incensed after reading your book. He told me he was going to burn it so I couldn’t give it to any more people. He felt God would never want His people to be unhappy, even in marriage, and it would be all right to divorce and remarry.
I have been alone since I told (name deleted) that I would never reconcile with him because we were in a wrong relationship…I had a very nice life with (name deleted) before God chose to deliver me from this sin, and pull me out of the muck, and save me.
I support your ministry because I know this will result in other people hearing you on the radio, or seeing you speak.
I am often appalled as I watch or listen to Christian stations and hear pastors talking about “God sending a new partner to someone who has gone through a horrendous divorce, and how their heart has been healed.” It is such deception by the devil! He is totally destroying families. I appreciate your prayers. May God continue to bless your work. Yours In Christ.

Dear Brother Webb;
…Please pray for me and for the restoration of my family. My husband is in a “remarriage” (three years now.) And the (no name) church where he attends is very supportive of him. They have allowed the other woman to teach in the church. I also heard my husband led a session with the “singles group” (mostly divorced people) telling how he met his new “wife” on the internet and how God has blessed his life….
My son (now 12 yrs old) and I have been standing for years. I have been greatly attacked by the church. … The pastor told his congregation if they wanted to go to his church, to stay away from me and NOT TO READ YOUR BOOK. God bless!
-J.M., MI

Dear Pastor Webb;
I recently discovered your book at…a secular store, where I had gone for another purpose. The Lord’s purpose prevailed and I bought your book “Till Death Do Us Part?”. I truly wish I had found it in it’s first printing of 1983 because eight years later my husband of twenty eight years decided to end our marriage and marry a woman, twice divorced herself. Perhaps the Lord knew my heart wasn’t ready to comprehend the truths within your book in 1983, but I was certainly open in 1992, when He called for me to stand for my crumbling marriage. …Another lady I met, and I began to search the Holy Scriptures for anything that supported the divorce and remarriage of our husbands and found nothing. We found tons of evidence that we were to stand in the gap for our husbands and to stand for our marriage covenants.
The Journey was difficult because it seemed none of our friends or family were in agreement with our scriptural discoveries and those who had any interest in our situation used unclear scripture verses to advise us to “get on with our lives”….
Recently, I have been growing weary of standing for the marriage that produced four wonderful children but was void of many moments of one flesh comfort. Our marriage was 28 years of one long struggle to make a bad situation better. Family and friends claimed my husband and I were unequally yoked and that Scripture provided “a recourse” to such an unfortunate union. One…suggested an annulment. She explained that while the children would be considered illegitimate, our marriage would be wiped out from the pages of history….
One earlier time I grew weary of my stand and tearfully unloaded on the Lord. As I wailed out my fatigue, a firm Voice spoke to my heart and said, “Then who will pray for your husband?” I stopped crying and have been OK until recently Satan brought in more troops and a different strategy. A lady at my church introduced me to her father. If Hollywood had been assigned to produce a good looking, spiffy dressing, tall, slender older man, this gentleman would have been their find. We had a short conversation and when I got inside my car I began to weep, saying, “I can”t do this to You Father”… I saw the man once again at our church festival and nothing developed. He never returned to visit our church again. Interestingly, last Sunday this same friend introduced me to her mother who lived out of state. Obviously this couple was divorced. Had I not followed the conviction of the Holy Spirit, who knows what damage might have occurred in my human loneliness.
I tell you this short over-view of the past ten or twelve years of my stand to show you that your book,… has been a God-send to my life….My experience has been that it is rare to come upon a pastor who adheres to Scripture as you have. Even the most well known pastors…present us with “Yes, but” versions of divorce and remarriage. I have to smile how the Lord keeps giving me these tender hugs just in the nick of time. It may be of interest to you that whenever I come upon a man or woman standing for their marriage commitment, they frequently express the opinion that they originally thought they were the only ones called to do so. They have no idea there is a whole body of obedient standers, who have those same God given directions.
Thank you so much for your book. I pray it will be available for many years because it does not appear our society in general is ready to come to their knees on the marital issue. We desperately need your strong scriptural guidance in every day language to save us from ourselves.
By the power and guidance of my Holy Trinity I ask God’s blessings on your ministry.

I read your book “Till Death Do Us Part” and was so blessed. It has settled so many questions and now they are answers. Thanks for being obedient in writing it!
For six years now, my husband walked out and said the Lord told him to divorce me and to marry another woman…
My husband’s parents are pastors and they side with him because they said God wants His children to be happy and their son was not happy with me…
Pastor Webb, through this trial, I have learned to know my God and to trust Him for every need….
Thank you for sharing your God-given wisdom with the body of Christ. I pray you will sell millions and that all pastors will read them. I will pray for your ministry every day. I want the whole world to know the truth of marriage, divorce and remarriage.
-JP, Virginia

I just finished reading your book, Till Death Do Us Part. It confirmed in my heart what I believe the Bible teaches…
Ten years ago, after twenty-two years of marriage, my husband asked me for a divorce. One week later, I found out he was involved with someone else. I didn’t want a divorce and took him back several times, went to Christian counseling, read, prayed, and cried; but he finally left and divorced me…
This is a man I met in church when I was sixteen years old. We went to church regularly all our married life. He was a deacon, as was his dad also. We always taught our two children rightly…
I still love my husband very much and pray for him every day. I do not believe it would be right for me to get married again. He told me he wished I would get married again so he wouldn’t have to worry about me…
It has been very hard these last ten years, but the Lord has become very real to me. I have also come to know Him very personally and I stand on Romans 8:28.
Thank you so much for writing that book. Keep telling the truth.
-PW, Tennessee

I have been so blessed by your ministry these past few months. I hope and pray I can be some encouragement to others in my situation. My testimony coincides with the lady in your newsletter, except my scheme materialized and was hit with a cold reality after my spouse did find and marry another person. I had actually prayed that would happen so I could be “free” to pursue a “Godly man” and have a fresh start. Even after returning to the Lord, I was counseled to forget him and move on! Every time I got close to another man, I felt unfaithful to my first mate. I was told it was false guilt and I needed to forgive and forget the past. Thank the Lord He was faithful to counsel me when I finally said, “whatever it takes I am willing to follow only you.”
It has not been easy but “I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day!” This road is often lonely. You may be deserted by close friends and family as I was and still am. But, praise God, I finally received confirmation of the truth the Lord has shown me in His word via tapes from your ministry and others like it. I have shared it with several pastors who don’t want to “cause any hurt feelings” or “judge anyone for former mistakes!” For some reason, there is no compassion for wife number 1 when she repents of her wandering away from the Lord and desires to reconcile. That option disappears and she is expected to get a “career” and start a new life elsewhere…
Whenever I focus on the Lord and stop leaning on my own understanding of seemingly impossible circumstances, there is a true peace and rest. He has provided every need and taught me contentment in any circumstance. Even my grown son and daughter cannot understand my “craziness,” so the only security I have is Him.
-DD, Washington

I want to thank you for your stand and your faithfulness about marriage. I was loaned a copy of your first edition of Till Death Do Us Part? and it probably is the reason why my husband and I just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. I have been so angry and bitter with my husband over the years that it nearly wrecked my marriage. I did not want to be divorced from him, but we argued so bitterly that he was on the verge of leaving so many times. After years of a very unhappy marriage, I consoled myself with the thought that he would eventually leave and find someone else. Then I would be free to remarry because he was not a Christian, because he left me and would have had all the so called “biblical grounds” for a divorce and remarriage.
I even fantasized about the kind of wonderful Christian man that I might meet. There were many remarried happy Christian couples in our church. It got to the point that I was wishing him to leave.
It is interesting to note here that I was raised Catholic and was taught that there are no grounds for divorce or remarriage. I believed that until I joined a Baptist church years ago. After that I took the Protestant belief that there are certain conditions for remarriage.
As it turns out, it seems that in most of the Protestant churches, the marriage you are in is the one that counts regardless of the circumstances that brought you there. If you should decide to leave that marriage and marry another, just confess the sin and feel sorry for it and your new marriage becomes the one that counts. I know that this is not taught outright, but in practice, that is what is being taught; and woe to the person who should question this kind of situation. They are labeled as “pharisees, legalists, self-righteous and unloving.” These remarried couples are teaching Sunday school, leading youth ministries, serving as deacons and joyfully leading in Hymns, while somewhere else there is a trail of devastated spouses and children.
Thankfully, there was still enough fear of God in me from Catholicism that kept me from leaving my husband. I know that the Catholic Church is very guilty of putting asunder many marriages today, but I was taught the old Catholic ways before they made a change in the sixties.
A friend of mine loaned me your book, and I realized that I could not remarry under any conditions unless I was widowed. With the help of the Holy Spirit, my attitude toward my husband changed and since then our marriage changed. Even though there are still difficulties, it has given us both so much comfort to know that both of us are committed to each other for better or worse until death do us part. My husband is not a Christian, but God has blessed me with a man who is faithful and committed and loves me very much. I shudder to think that I was willing to let that all go. I shudder to think of what divorce and remarriage would have done to our two sons. It would have impacted them all of their lives and their marriages and their children.
It grieves my heart to think of all the Christian people who are divorcing and remarrying with the help of their Pastors and friends. I ask myself again and again, why was I spared this tragedy. I didn’t deserve it. There are so many more Godly people than myself who love their children too, who are not spared from divorce… Thank you for your ministry and your time to read this letter.

Many years ago my wife divorced me and shortly after that I came to know the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I searched the scriptures to see if I could marry someone else. I didn’t find in the Word where you could marry another person, but if you did, you would be living in adultery… Many people strongly disagreed with me and thought…I was unscriptural…. I have a copy of your book, … I’m happy to say that I’ve learned many things that I haven’t thought or heard before. It’s a wonderful book, and I intend on sharing it with many others.
-C.M., WI

This next letter is being used in its entirety by permission. We have left the name out. We feel this letter will be an encouragement to many who are wondering if it pays to obey God:
Dear Pastor Webb,
I wanted to write and thank you for your discerning word in your Marriage-Divorce-and Remarriage tapes. I was first made aware of them in January. A friend confronted me about my “rebuilder’s” stand for my marriage to a man for 12 years who had been married before. At first I did not want to hear about a change in my perspective on things, but I promised to pray about it. The interesting thing was that this friend did not know about you or the message, she was just going by the scriptures.
It wasn’t until I contacted another friend about more information on the subject that I was told about your message. I took the tapes home and listened to them attentively. I was convicted by the Holy Spirit that I was a “covetous fornicator” by holding on to another woman’s husband. I went to my children’s father for council about this. He told me he had divorced me 7 years ago and tried to tell me this all along. He is not even saved yet, and I had been praying for his salvation and reconciliation with my children and me. Although I realized that God was not obligated to answer my prayers, the fact is, I thought I was to continue seeking reconciliation.
Then I went to our children and our 17-year-old son said, “I never could figure out why you could have dad back but his first wife couldn’t.” Then the question came, are you going to change your name? Our 15-year-old daughter has seen her father’s lack of interest in her and her brother as a source of hurt for many years. She said she was relieved.
My parents, with whom I live, were thrilled about the news and were very supportive about me changing my name to my maiden name. Then came my meeting with my pastors in April which did not go as well. I had listened to a “Theological Whale’s” tapes on the same subject and also read the book “Jesus and Divorce,” to get a balanced perspective, and of course I have my Rebuilder’s Guide as a resource.
My pastor took up my children’s offense. He wanted to have a private meeting with both children to let them say “how they really felt” among other things. He told me just because I was changing my name did not give me the right to remarry. He did not want me to give up my hope of reconciliation. Our church does remarry people who have been divorced, however. I told him that the issue wasn’t remarriage, it was repenting from my sin. He said he trusted my judgment but he still wanted to speak to the children alone.
God was faithful, and I went to a pastor’s seminar with Mr. Gothard the next week. Although the pastors I talked to did not understand, they were very concerned about the way my pastor was dealing with this issue. This issue took on a lesser importance at the seminar because I was faced with a more serious issue; how to win the heart of the rebel. The stand I was making was the beginning of a turn around in my son’s heart in hearing the Word of God proclaimed boldly. I have a long way to go to take back the ground I gave to the enemy in coveting and how it has affected my children.
God intervened in the situation and got my parents involved to back me up about not wanting my pastor to have a private meeting with the children. I made an appeal to him to show confidence in my parenting by allowing me to be with my children in whatever “counseling session” there would be. He rejected my appeal and asked permission to speak with my father. He told my dad that I was too extreme in my religion and that he was just trying to help.
Through all of this I have had to learn to stand alone. My name is changed now and the children’s father fully forgave me for being a covetous fornicator and complicating his life even more. I have a clear conscience, and I believe the witness of the word proclaimed boldly is bringing him to salvation this year after twelve years of praying for him. Thank you for your part in preaching uncompromisingly and standing alone too. I am eternally grateful for your bold preaching on this subject. I am blessed by the freedom that comes after repentance, and God gets the glory.
W.P., CA

Thank you so much, again, for your faithfulness to the ministry of establishing Biblical marriages.
On a personal note, I have been standing for the healing of my own marriage now for over 12 years. My husband (who left me before we’d been married 10 years) was separated this past year when the woman he left me for, left him.
We have five children who had been living with him but have now come back to live with me.
I believe God is continuing his work in my husband’s life (as well as in mine!) to bring healing and victory to our marriage and others. We do not stand for ourselves but for others also. I am committed to remain single until such time.
God bless you, Mr. Webb, in your work, you’re health, your love for Jesus.
CW, Canada

Till Death Do Us Part? by J. Webb will change my life and those around me forever. I just finished the book and was made to realize the sin I am in. When I return home, I shall file for divorce from my “legal” wife and shall remain single unless the wife of my one-flesh will reconcile with me. Your prayers in this matter are greatly needed. So many shall be hurt, but I hope also that many shall be saved by this.
SR, E-Mail

I just recently purchased the book, Till Death Do Us Part? Excellent! I was led by the Spirit of the Lord to the book rack at Wal-Mart and immediately my eyes fell on this title. The confirmation of the “truth” that I have been seeking is comforting. In today’s society, especially in our church world, it is hard to find truth. I thank God for this man of God for his obedience. I am now 60 years of age and have had a life of misery by previously, in my youth, marrying a man who was married before with children.
We finally divorced after years of mental and physical abuse. Just as the pastor noted, my two adult children have followed in my footsteps and are suffering the consequences. I pray for them daily since I received the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart.
I’ve tried to explain to my children bible truths but they are not listening at this point. But God is faithful.
Thank you for this book, I feel compelled to purchase more and pass them on as the Spirit of the Lord guides me.
May God richly bless you
B.M., KY

If only our church leaders would teach this truth...

Dear Brother Joseph;
…I must say how I and others (sadly so few) have and still do enjoy your work in the book, “Till Death Do Us Part.” It gives Biblical truth with clarity and compassion. The grace of God has allowed you to explain this precious biblical doctrine in a way that most should be able to understand. If only our churches and leaders would teach this truth. How much heartache it would prevent and how many answers it would give those who struggle with the question of divorce and remarriage…Could you also tell me what requirements would be for you to visit Australia and do some sessions on this subject… Looking forward to hearing from you. In His Service

Pastor Webb;
I visited a prison for the first time. It was a medium security prison…I found out that at least 70% (could be more) grew up in homes without their dad. I also found out that my state is 3rd in the nation for per capita prison population and 1st in the nation for per capita women population. Isn’t it amazing how that correlates with the divorce rate in our state, which is also one of the highest in the nation? When are the church leaders going to wake up? Or when are the true saints going to take action? It’s obvious and so clear why God hates divorce. The devil is after our children. He wants parents out of the house and particularly dads. Thank you for the work you are doing. This is the key issue which will see the Church be blessed or miss the mark for God’s plan. We must get the word out.
-J.E., OK

Pastor Webb;
…A lot of young people are looking for truth. I will keep working to see what I can do with the Lord’s help. What they seem to forget is what the effect broken families has on children. I know personally because I saw my parents do this in the 1960’s. I was only 7 years old. My older brother and sisters had lots of damage from it. My older brother now is on his 3rd wife. My older sister is on her 2nd husband. The Young people are hungry for moral absolutes. That is what Jesus gave us was moral absolutes. He was so clear. How can they miss this when it is so clear in the Bible? I will never give up. There is too much at stake.
-J.E., OK

A minister in our town is now preaching against divorce and remarriage since receiving your book. He said his congregation is loaded with adulterers. He is glad to know truth and is doing well.

Don’t be discouraged by the small struggling groups you are teaching. Your message is not popular but the Lord will reward your faithfulness.
-L.O., WA

A friend recently lent me a copy of your book, Till Death Do Us Part. I was very pleasantly surprised to find you teaching a very clear way and call which I believe to be God’s heart and mind on the subject of marriage and divorce. I have no doubt you must realize how very few there be in our day holding to the same position. I am equally certain, for a man to be this clear on a subject that is so universally perverted by the religious world as a whole, there are other areas as well you will see that the status quo is far short of God’s standard…
-MT, Ohio

Dear Brother Webb;
We went to a home church meeting yesterday and a lady said that if she knew we were coming she would have had us bring her a copy of the book, For Better Or For Worse. She was referring to your book, and we all had a good laugh. I told her I had just sent my last two copies to different organizations and would order some more.
The term, “Hot Potato,” has been replaced by, “Till Death Do Us Part.” Talk about no one wanting to touch it in places of leadership; they don’t. I don’t remember if you emphasized your book in the light of Romans 6:1 or not, but that should be the icing on the cake; that definitely settles it…”We won’t grow weary in well doing.” We continue to remember your ministry in prayer.
B.S., CA

Dear Joseph:
Thank you again for your continuing efforts to expose the spirits of divorce and adultery for who they really are.
I have recently seen these two spirits presenting, or clothing themselves, as the spirit of mercy: And the church is receiving them as such. Yet they are, wolves in sheep’s clothing. My prayer is that God will expose these spirits for who they are in our day… Thank you for your newsletters.
Yours truly in Him.
CS, ONT. Can.

Dear Reverend Webb,
Last Thursday morning, while driving to work, I heard you on Mildred Gaddis’ “Inside Detroit” radio. I was wonderfully surprised to hear God’s word about divorce and remarriage being explained in your book, Till Death Do Us Part? Thank you for making God’s law clear and not being a part of the false doctrine movement. This “one” topic affects every child, woman, and man. According to my understanding of the Bible, the covenant between husband and wife can only be broken when the death of one partner takes place.
During the late 50’s, my mother in her late 20’s, a divorcee, was raising daughters. At the time, my Mom was a member of church. While attending a home Bible study group with other young Christians (Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal and Methodist), she learned to tithe her welfare check. One day, home alone, studying God’s word, my Mom read Jesus’ scriptures concerning divorcees with living “mates.” Needless to say, through tears, she was stunned, shocked and hurt. Without questioning God’s word, she knew she couldn’t get married to anyone as long as her “mate,” my father, was living. This news caused my Mother to stay in bed for 2 days! My mom has never regretted honoring God’s word by keeping His law.
When my sister and I were 8 or 9, our Mother showed us in the Bible why she couldn’t get married. She lived a Christian life before us, as an example, of what was expected of a divorcee with a living “mate.” There have been many opportunities for her to share with friends, strangers, and other family members why a pretty young attractive lady like she was, was not free to get married according to God’s law and the consequences of sinning if she broke His law.
On 2 occasions, I’ve refused to date 2 very nice divorced Christian men, with living “mates” who didn’t understand God’s message about the covenant between husband and wife, which can only be broken through death. It didn’t matter that one of these men was an engineer and the other a college professor.
Last year, a very close family member hurt Jesus by denying His truth when they knowingly married a divorced individual whose first “mate” is alive and the second one is deceased. These individuals are both practicing Christians and college professors who have chosen to willfully disobey God’s law. My Mom and I didn’t attend the wedding. The decision by this family member has had a very negative far-reaching affect on our entire family, relatives and friends.
I pray you will continue to spread God’s truth no matter what the consequences may be. I’m sure you will be blessed as my Mother has been blessed. Thank you for strengthening the lives of so many families.

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
I just finished reading Till Death Do Us Part? I want to thank you for taking a firm biblical stand on this very important subject. Our so- called “Christian Church” of today needs to repent and get back to God. That is the burden and prayer of my heart.
Thank you again, and may our Lord richly bless you.

I have read your book, “Till Death Do Us Part?” with much interest. I believe it is a wake-up call to the body of believers who call upon the name of the Lord Jesus. Since I have read it, I have shared it with a couple who have been divorced and remarried. They had hoped to justify their claims that divorce and remarriage is okay in the eyes of God, however, after reading the book, have not been able to argue the truths written in your book. It has “shaken” their whole idea of divorce and remarriage. I would like to give copies away to several people, as I believe it may change their lives.
Thank you so much, God bless.
In Christ Jesus,

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to speak forth the truth about marriage. In the midst of “excuses” of every kind in every church, community, or even marriage ministries, it is so helpful to be standing on the rock that does not move with every wind.

Brother Webb;
When it comes to divorce, the Church in America is on a slippery slope. The book Till Death Do Us Part? is a provocative, realistic, Biblical understanding on the issue of divorce. Many don’t want to receive the message from you. However the painful truth must be spoken and received, while the Church prepares for the return of her Bridegroom.

Dear Brother Webb: Thank you for your newsletter. I want to say a hearty “Amen!” to your article on ” Self-serving bubbles, fantasies and dreams.”… Too many are claiming the desires of their hearts and don’t realize that they need a new heart….
As one minister has said, “There are no exceptions to the promises of God, but there are conditions. And, there are no exceptions to the conditions.”
Another thing that I would like to thank you for is the opportunity as a minister to support the work of God another faithful minister. It has been very difficult for me to find ministry that I can, with a good conscience, support financially. I am always looking to God to show me where He wants to use the finances that He supplies to me. And I want to be a good steward of what He gives to me. I believe that the work you are accomplishing is from the Lord and a great benefit to the body of Christ. Also, I have been blessed by your attitude in general toward the word and toward those you minister to.
God Bless You and Your Family.
M. H., IN

We have just finished reading your book Till Death Do Us Part?…We want to say thank you for telling us what the BIBLE says about marriage and divorce. For too long, we have been listening to what men have been saying. “Till Death Do Us Part? ” is a new teaching for us, and was quite shocking. Why is no one telling us the truth about this?,.. This message needs to be told!! Interestingly, your book has strengthened our marriage, even though we have never considered divorce. It’s pretty hard to even think of “throwing in the towel on a marriage when you are aware that God is in charge! We feel that if every couple were aware of what God says about marriage before they said the marriage vows, there would be a stronger, deeper commitment to the marriage right from the start. We have seen how man’s laws have made it too easy to get divorced, mocking and trivializing marriage, and in the process leaving in the wake broken hearts and lives. In the previous teachings we have received about divorce, there is always an “escape clause”…”if it doesn’t work out, well, we can always divorce.” This new teaching, as spelled out in your book, won’t be accepted by some, because of what it will mean to them personally, but it was like a breath of fresh air to us. God is calling His people back to holiness, to following His word, and this is one step in the process.
… Thank you again for writing this book. J.F.
B.C., Canada

Dear Brother Webb:
I thank you for writing your book…It is a vital Biblical doctrine, neglected at tremendous cost. It must be revived.
E.H., PA

Thank you for this book of truth that you have given to the church. I’m so glad that I have read it. If only more people could have known these things before they married, how much misery could have been saved.

My husband preached a message two weeks ago on “God’s View of Divorce” and he preached exactly what you shared. Of course several expressed their disagreement…thank you for being willing to take a stand, even though the world doesn’t want to hear it.
L.K., MN

Praise God, that we’ve decided to get our own and an extra copy to loan out to show people why we believe as we do on this issue. In an age today where the Word of God is twisted and translated in such a way to justify what God obviously hates, it refreshing to see godly men take a stand on the truth of the issue of divorce and remarriage.
K.A., MT

Dear Sirs:
I have recently been handed a book by Joseph A. Webb, Till Death Do Us Part, that appears to be one of the last remaining scriptural platforms to preserve marriage as God intended–a correlation to the covenantal commitment that He holds to His bride, the Church…Please send me an order form or the information so I can place an order. Thanks, and God Bless.
E.T., VA

Thank you...

It was my great pleasure to be able to speak from experience in alerting ministry colleagues concerning the annointed, impactful, & practical ministry of our brother, Joe Webb and his wife Pat. …Hardly a week goes by in our church without someone pointing out some personal or collective change in our church; in their lives, or in their family as a result of the voice of the Lord speaking to us through Joe and Pat Webb.
-Rev. E.D., GA

You were a great blessing to us when you came down to Baton Rouge. The seminar helped me to say what the Word says. I now feel I have a more solid foundation of what the Word says about marriage and divorce… You confirmed many things that were put in my heart by the Holy Spirit. The seminar was a refreshing time in the Lord. Our prayers are with you.
-M.B., LA.

I do like your presentation, which is straightforward without compromise.
-G.G., FL

I heard about your Bradenton meeting over the radio and was about to give up standing for my first marriage and go on. I asked myself, “Could this be truth?” After attending, I now know what God’s word says about marriage and divorce, and can easily hold firmly to my original covenant and vow, Till Death Do Us Part.
-E.K., FL

The highlight of our one day seminar in Bradenton, FL was expressed by one like this: “The meeting brought me together with several others who are in agreement with me, understanding the urgency to check all decisions by Gods Holy Word.”
E.L., FL

This letter was forwarded to me from Choice Books, from one of their distributors in San Juan, Puerto Rico:
I got an exciting call last Saturday from a woman that had just visited the airport rack that we had just set up the Tuesday before. She wanted to know if she could get five or more of this wonderful book she bought off our rack. Guess which one? Till Death Do Us Part? “I never knew that there was a book like this available in Spanish!” she said. “I am so excited, and I want to get some extra copies for my friends; They’ve just got to read it!”

Pastor Webb;
I ordered your book this winter. You sent me the book and some of your tapes. PRAISE GOD! You have restored my faith. I believe you to be a true preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I had lost my faith in man; (not God) as a youth, having been sexually abused by the minister of my then church. That experience shook me right to my foundation. Fortunately, I had built on the solid rock of Jesus Christ as a youth. However I haven’t lived the life I could have for Jesus. Your ministry, especially your tapes, are helping me to re-ignite my thirst for the knowledge of the Bible. I listen to your tapes daily. They are my church service as I don’t attend church anywhere…I read and study one chapter of the bible every day. I pray every night as I saw my grandfather do years ago.
I pray for you, your family, and your ministry…
I thank God for the day I heard you on our local station. God works in mysterious ways sometimes. Thanks For All.

Thank you for your prayers for our broken family. Please continue to pray for us….
I thank God for your obedience to Him and I pray for holy boldness in Christ for you to continue in this blessed ministry of “Till Death Do Us Part.” I know this truth must be returned to the Body of Christ to revive His Church…
-MM, Wisconsin

We really appreciate what you are doing for the Lord. We understand that at times frustration and tiredness may set in, but what we all have to remember is that our reward is not here on earth but in Heaven.
-BG & LG, Ohio

Dear Mr. Webb:
…We have truly been challenged with the information in your book and feel the Holy Spirit has shed new light on marriage and divorce. Please pray as we begin to teach these convictions.
-J.K., CO

Dear Brother Webb:
Having read your book Till Death Do Us Part?. I would like to tell you it is one of the finest I have read on the subject.
-R.G., IN

Dear Brother Webb:
Thank you for speaking the truth as God gave it to you, not fearing worldly acceptance…. I have never heard it so powerful and plain…There are so many caught in the trap Satan has set with his lies about this matter. Thank you for a life given to service.
-F.A., TN

To Whom it may concern: Just a short note to let you know that your book, … is an excellent book. I can’t believe that there are other people out there that believe this way! I almost married a divorced man but the Lord kept me safe. Everyone around me thinks I’m wrong!…Praise be to God that “TRUTH” is being made known in such a vile and corrupt generation.
-M.C., MI

Having read your book,…I would like to tell you it is one of the finest I have ever read on the subject. A deacon from the church I previously pastored called, concerned that the current pastor is inclined to marry divorced people. I would like to send him a copy.
-R.G., IN

We are very excited about your ministry.
-K.S., OH

Thanks for being faithful to God. We love you and God Bless.
-C.M., SC

The Holy Spirit certainly has given you a very, very important message that is needed throughout the church in America, and I pray that God will abundantly bless, prosper and anoint you as you continue to share this word of truth.
-E.L., FL

We really appreciate the book! God’s blessing to you always.
-D.M., OH

We have been blessed by the book and know a lot more persons who would benefit from its message.
-J.M. NC

Dear Brother Webb:
Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our soon coming King.
Having just completed another reading of your book Till Death Do Us Part?. I am responding to a very strong urge to, again, compliment you for this masterful and scriptural treatment on the subject of divorce and remarriage. However unappreciated, your message may be by the larger Christian community, be assured that you have made a notable contribution to the people of this generation. … You have put together a biblical and incontrovertible case on the question.
-Dr. G.B., VA

Dear Pastor Joseph Webb,
Before yesterday, we had a phone call from a young couple with problems in their marriage. We had them in our home, and talked to them about the marriage covenant. We gave them one of your books. Yesterday, the wife told us that she already decided to leave her husband, and 2 small children, but after our visit, she realized that she was wrong. Thanks for your book, it helped us focus on “Yeshua,” Jesus in our counseling.

Dear Brother and Sister Webb:
I recently gave one of your books to a lady that works at the bank. She married a man years ago that had a living wife. He has been very abusive to her, and she had tried to stick it out. Now that she has found out that she is living in sin…she is planning on leaving him. Her name is K…if you don’t mind praying for her. I know she is going through a difficult time.

Dear Pastor and Mrs. Webb,
I felt that I should give this money to you. I’m sure you must be hated by some people who know what you are saying is the truth, but they don’t want to hear it. Thank you for being courageous and delivering this message. God bless you!

Dear Brother Webb;
I read your book, Till Death Do Us Part? It changed my mind and my action by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much Brother Webb for taking a stand for God’s whole truth.
Your Sister In Christ
L.J., GA

Thank you for the stand you have taken for God on marriage.
J.C., NC

Dear Friends:
We continue to pray that you will speak the truth to the Church. May God bless you with boldness, love, and protection from evil In Christ’s Love, I am your sister.
J.D., KY.

Dear Brother Webb:
“Greetings,” in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for the Mildred Gaddis radio interview tape. It has really been a blessing to me. I have always taken the same stand that you have on marriage and divorce…I thank you very much for writing the book…T his book alone is the single best resource on this subject I have ever seen. I have purchased several copies to loan out, but for some reason, most of them don’t come back…Thank you for your ministry.
J.H., SC

Brother Webb:
In the midst of all the opposition that is taking place against the truths about marriage in these United States, it surely is wonderful to hear about what God is doing among the Christians in Argentina: To know that they are willing to open their hearts to the truth.
Love & prayers
E.L., FL

Dear Webb Ministries:
Thank you for sending to us Joseph Webb’s radio interview tape. I have the, “Marriage and Divorce Seminar,” tapes, and I’ve loaned them to my family and now to my Bible study teacher. I pray for your ministry.
Thank You.
J. & B.T., BC, Can.

We appreciate so much your commitment to the truth of God. We sent one of your books to our son and daughter-in-law who are in the military and struggling greatly with their marriage. Our daughter-in-law said your book helped her in realizing what God’s plan for marriage was. Praise God, they are doing fine by the grace of God.

What an encouragement your program was to me last night! It was a “call-in” radio program, I presume. I don’t know what station or who the host was. I caught only the last bit of the program. I need this material desperately. I feel so alone in my “stand” for one-flesh covenant marriage, as taught in the word of God. Thank you for being true to the Word.
May God continue to use you and keep you true to Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

Dear Pastor Joe;
…I wanted to send you a copy of the most precious and valuable…gift card I could ever receive! Our 23 year old son gave it to me, and did I ever need the Kleenex. It is more valuable to me than silver, gold, diamonds or anything material! I thought of you immediately because of his words and how joyful you would be to hear that from a young man!
I told him I was going to share it with Pastor Joe Webb and he said, “Mom, you can share it with anyone you’d like.”
I appreciate you and Pat so much and for your prayers and notes! The notes always come at perfect times! I am trying to by a “Peacemaker.”
Here are excerpts from her son’s note:
Mom; Thank you so much for your faithfulness…I pray that I might find a wife that is half as good as you,.. Thank you for showing me the true meaning of what covenant marriage should be. “For better or for worse, Till death do us part?” I will always strive to meet that standard. May the God of peace grant you hope, favor, wisdom, health, healing, grace, and peace for the rest of your life. With all my heart; Love, Your Son

We wish to thank you for sending us two complimentary copies of your book and we were excited to see that the new books are revised.”” The format is much easier to read and study, and the Index is extremely helpful.”

Am writing to tell you how much I appreciated your book on divorce and remarriage It is certainly a message that needs to be told, yet a very hard one to tell. I admire the courage that you exhibit in the telling of it.
May God bless your ministry and cause this message to go into all the world.
L.B., WA

We have just finished reading your book TILL DEATH DO US PART?, and want to thank you for telling us what the BIBLE says about marriage and divorce. Interesting, your book has strengthened our marriage, even though we have never considered divorce.

Dear Pastor Webb;
We are being blessed! The teaching tapes have really helped us see clearly how our walk with our dearest Messiah, Jesus Christ was not where it should be. We are hungering to know the truths of God’s word and nothing but the truth….”The Love Tapes” were really an awakening. Also the “Recognizing a True Christian.” WOW! I am glad Our Lord is in the reconciliation and restoring business! We have more joy and peace…Our perception of God’s clear will is clearer than ever before. We praise God and are just so excited about what God is going to do in our lives and our family.” AMEN
A.F., NY
Dear Joseph & Pat:
I’ve never written before to you. I attended the seminar … where you spoke. I’ve read the book Till Death Do Us Part? Since then it’s been hard to keep a copy on my shelf. I’ve been giving all my copies away…. Anyway, God has put it on my heart to share this money with you… I was very blessed by your newsletter and pray God will continue to bless your ministry. I truly would be blessed to go to another seminar.
K.T., MI

Dear Brother Joe:
I just want to write and tell you how much I appreciated the opportunity to attend the seminar in Ducktown, TN. Do you remember having a short section of time during the seminar where you talked about “not getting down in spirit” when dealing with someone who is divorced and remarried and they shun you? Well, I believe that short message was meant for me. Awhile back, I had called you in Florida to share with you that I had just had a pie shoved into my stomach (literally) because I was standing for the biblical standards on this topic. You comforted me then and prayed with me over the phone, and you sure have been a blessing at this seminar. Thanks
A.F., TN

Dear Brother Webb;
Recently, Webb Ministries conducted a one day forum at our state campground in Eupora, MS…
Reverend Webb’s scriptural teaching on this most urgent and timely subject matter was both logical in its arrangement and foremost, Biblically sound.
Personally, it was both refreshing and assuring to hear such clear and concise teaching in addition to realizing that I had been a good steward of my time in attending this forum.
Sincerely, Thank You,
Pastor G.F., MS

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