The ministry of Christian Principles Restored is helping hundreds of churches and families reestablish the Biblical principles that can turn the tide of family disintegration in our communities and nation.

Christian Principles Restored Ministries International, Inc. is about Biblical principles applied to daily living.

Lifetime decisions made without regard to the wisdom available to us in God’s Word in accordance with his standards are foolish.

This kind of thinking has taken over our churches and Christian culture. Today in America, born again adults are more likely to experience a divorce than any other group. In the area of marriage and family, the results of these poor choices will be devastating to family members including our children and grandchildren.

Tonight in America 33% of our children (almost 24 million) will go to bed without a biological father in the home. Only 34% of our nations 72 million children are expected to live with both biological parents through the age of 18. While statistics like these are disheartening, the results of our departure from the Word of God are even worse and will reverberate for generations to come.

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Video Series — Till Death Do Us Part?

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Till Death Do Us Part?

bookad What the Bible Really Says about marriage and divorce. If you are contemplating marriage, confused about your present marriage, or considering divorce, this book is a must read for you!

Trojan Horse Revision

TrojanHorsesmallcoverIn our last newsletter we stated the new book: “The Trojan Horse Within The Church” would be approximately 90 pages. Since then we have changed the name of the book to: “Divorce and Remarriage: The Trojan Horse Within The Church”. The sub-title will be: “Whom Shall We Then Believe?”

The new book is 150 pages. It is available now via email, online, or by calling us at 407-834-5233. Call or email CPR Ministries to order your copy today for $13.95 + $6.25 Shipping and Handling! Please pray with us for wisdom and spiritual insight in presenting the truths the Lord is bringing to us. We feel the reaction to this book will be electrifying.

“I have been pleased to receive and review your manuscript on Divorce and Remarriage-The Trojan Horse Within the Church. You have done an outstanding job on presenting the Biblical view on divorce and remarriage. The readers cannot help but be impressed with the scholarly research that you have done on this subject… for those who sincerely want the truth, your book will be a valuable resource.” -Bill Gothard

Download “Divorce and Remarriage” in Spanish.

Descarga gratuita: Divorcio y nuevo casamiento

Divorcio y nuevo casamiento

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